A selection of Shellfish; Clams, Mussels, Crab, Oysters, Lobster,

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Cooked Peeled Prawns


Fresh cold water prawns cooked and peeled ready to use in a variety of recipes or eat them thawed with a nice dipping sauce. Buy a whole 2kilo bag frozen or portions from 400g Default portion size is 400g Otherwise please select alternative. A 2 kilo bag contains approximately 300 large prawns.

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Dressed Crab


Crab shells packed with freshly cooked white and brown crab meat, ready to eat. Approx weight 180g-190g


The lobster remains to be a luxury shellfish normally ordered for special occasions. Try it with spaghetti and a tomato sauce for something a little different. Price Per Kilo Please add notes to order at checkout if you would like your lobster cooked or live.

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Mussels (Live)


The cheapest of shellfish and readily available, steamed being the preferred cooking method and served with a choice of sauces. Regular portion size is 500g please select number of portions required.

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Oysters (priced each)


Thought of as a delicacy with their strong sea taste can be Served raw and washed down with Champagne or cook them by grilling, baking, poaching or frying. Oysters are priced and sold individually. Select number of Oysters required.


Frozen raw king prawns Choose from a whole 1 Kilo bag or portions of 400g or 600g Weights are frozen weights, a 1 kilo bag once thawed will weigh approx 700g and contains approximately 16-20 Prawns

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Tiger Prawns Raw & Frozen


Choose either 1 box of big juicy whole raw Black Tiger Prawns block frozen in a box with 8-12 big prawns per box, defrost naturally for perfect quality. or choose a quantity off the fresh counter, (these will not be suitable for freezing unless you cook them first) [button size="medium" style="primary" text="Enquire Now" link="" target=""]