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Cooked, smoked or cured and ready to eat including sashimi grade fish

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Cockles are a very popular British sea-side snack which are small edible bivalves. Eat them on their own or add them to sea food pies and stews or garnish in a salad. Regular portion is a 100g Tub

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Cooked Peeled Prawns


Fresh cold water prawns cooked and peeled ready to use in a variety of recipes or eat them thawed with a nice dipping sauce. Buy a whole 2kilo bag frozen or portions from 400g Default portion size is 400g Otherwise please select alternative. A 2 kilo bag contains approximately 300 large prawns.

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Crab (brown)


A popular shellfish to eat on its own or add to a fish recipe, can be purchased precooked. Enjoy all parts of the crab from the sweet white meat of the crab claws to the brown, richer soft meat found under the shell of the crab. Price Per Kilo Please ask in the notes at checkout for selection of crab sizes available on the day.

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Dressed Crab


Crab shells packed with freshly cooked white and brown crab meat, ready to eat. Approx weight 180g-190g

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Oysters (priced each)


Thought of as a delicacy with their strong sea taste can be Served raw and washed down with Champagne or cook them by grilling, baking, poaching or frying. Oysters are priced and sold individually. Select number of Oysters required.

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Sashimi grade tuna loin


Line caught Sashimi Grade Yellowfin Tuna flown in fresh, can be eaten raw as a sushi, seared lightly for a great meaty steak accompanied with rice for a healthy meal or sliced thinly, doused in lemon and served with a tasty herbaceous salad for a fresh light lunch our tuna is a very adaptable cut of fish. Select the approximate steak weight you would like. 200g is a general guideline for 1 person    


Traditionally Smoked Salmon, thinly sliced in packets, great with scrambled eggs, salad or with cream cheese in a sandwich. Select the packet size you require