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Eating Oily Fish high in omega oils can be good for promoting heart, brain and eye function and can increase hair and nail health

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Fresh Salmon


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Whole fish gutted at approx £12.50 per kilo, whole fish range from 4-6 kilo, select the approx weight you require, we will supply the closest available weight. Salmon fillet portions at £21.00 per kilo, select from the whole boneless fillet (a side) approx 1.5-2kilo, or fillet portions from 150g (Child Size portion)  200g (adult size portion), 500g portion or 1 kilo. If you want any alternative size or have special requests including descaling please put a note at the checkout, all portions will be vacuum packed unless advised otherwise, fish is only de-scaled on request.


Traditionally smoked whole for you to enjoy with a squeeze of lemon

Priced at £2 each

All Fish Products



A firm oil-rich fish with a strong taste packed with omega 3 and great on its own or as part of another dish.


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Mackerel fillet


Mackerel fillets come from the best part of the fish, a firm oil rich fish with a strong taste packed with omega 3. Average Whole Mackerel 350g approx

All Fish Products

Sashimi grade tuna loin


Line caught Sashimi Grade Yellowfin Tuna flown in fresh, can be eaten raw as a sushi, seared lightly for a great meaty steak accompanied with rice for a healthy meal or sliced thinly, doused in lemon and served with a tasty herbaceous salad for a fresh light lunch our tuna is a very adaptable cut of fish. Select the approximate steak weight you would like. 200g is a general guideline for 1 person    


Traditionally Smoked Salmon, thinly sliced in packets, great with scrambled eggs, salad or with cream cheese in a sandwich. Select the packet size you require