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Paul Wheston is a traditional skilled fishmonger, his company is Fish Glorious Fish.

Paul brings the best quality fresh fish to your front door, just order in the online shop.

Delivered Tuesday to Friday by Fish Meats Veg.


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Bass fillet (farmed)


A firm white fish with mild meat and versatile to many fish recipes as can be cooked many ways. Popular on its own baked, fried or grilled. A whole fish weighs approximately 600g-800g at £11.00 per kilo 1 fillet weighs approximately 140g-170g  £24.50 per kilo  

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Brill - a flat fish, is similar Turbot and typically caught off the south coast of England in Devon and Cornwall.

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Cockles are a very popular British sea-side snack which are small edible bivalves. Eat them on their own or add them to sea food pies and stews or garnish in a salad. Regular portion is a 100g Tub

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Cod Cheeks


Recommended 200g per serving Cod Cheeks are £15.00 per kilo Coat in breadcrumbs and fry, serve with a nice chilli dipping sauce they are also nice in a chowder or a curry.

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Cod Fillet


Boneless with skin on the cod is cut into portions ready to cook. Whole fillets can be anything from 1-2.5 kilos or select portion sizes. Recommended portion for 1 person is 200g

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Cod Loin


Cod loin a moist flaky part of the fish that comes from the middle (or fattest) part of the fillet, giving a sweet subtle flavour. The most succulent loins are short and fat and pearly white in colour.

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Cod wrapped in Pancetta


Cod wrapped in Pancetta   A chunky cod loin wrapped in Pancetta, seasoned with lemon zest, basil and pepper. Oven cook for 20 mins at 180 degrees until the pancetta is crispy.

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Cooked Peeled Prawns


Fresh cold water prawns cooked and peeled ready to use in a variety of recipes or eat them thawed with a nice dipping sauce. Buy a whole 2kilo bag frozen or portions from 400g Default portion size is 400g Otherwise please select alternative. A 2 kilo bag contains approximately 300 large prawns.

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Crab (brown)


A popular shellfish to eat on its own or add to a fish recipe, can be purchased precooked. Enjoy all parts of the crab from the sweet white meat of the crab claws to the brown, richer soft meat found under the shell of the crab. Price Per Kilo Please ask in the notes at checkout for selection of crab sizes available on the day.

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Dover Sole


A classic high end restaurant fish with firm, full flavoured meat. Normally skinned on the darker side of the fish. The meat falls away from the bone easily great baked whole or pan fried fillets. Whole fish weigh in at between 300g - 1.5kilos and price is subject to market price and fish sizes available Typically this size fish will serve one person a generous meal price estimate is based on a 500g fish Please call Paul on 07989 956991 to discuss prices and current availability before ordering if you are working on a budget or would like to order a larger fish, we will need to know by Tuesday evening for deliveries on Thursdays and Fridays if you would like larger sized fish.  

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Dressed Crab


Crab shells packed with freshly cooked white and brown crab meat, ready to eat. Approx weight 180g-190g

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Fish Kebabs


£3.50 each select which combination and how many kebabs you would like or design your own, just select 'build my own kebab', how many you require and then type your specification into the notes at the checkout. Paul will build your perfect kebabs ready to throw on the BBQ