Christmas Orders 2019

Orders for Christmas will be open for ordering from 1st November 2019

A £20 deposit will be required when you reserve your Christmas roast this will be credited to your invoice account and the remaining balance will be billed on the day of the delivery as usual.

Delivery dates for Christmas will be announced three weeks before they take place

Your exact delivery day will be confirmed in the second week of December.

Please ensure you receive a confirmation for your order, if you have not received one within 24hrs of placing your order please call me on 07826216793 and discuss further.


Beef Fillet Steak 28 day aged fillet of beef, select steaks at 8oz 10oz or 12 oz or whole fillet ranging from 1-2.5 kilo £39.95 per kilo


Beef Sirloin on the bone with fillet in   A  locally sourced sirloin of beef on the bone with the fillet in.   £19.25 per kilo choose from 2-10 kilos


Boned and Rolled Sirloin of Beef   A  locally sourced sirloin of beef with the bone removed, rolled and tied ready to roast.   £22.75 per kilo choose from 1-6 kilos


Bronze Free Range Turkey


Bronze Free Range Turkey A free range Turkey select a weight between 4-9kilos, we will pick the closest available match to your selection. £13.25 per kilo   Sourced locally from Peachcroft Farm   Please place your order as early as you can to avoid disappointment.


Cheeses – waxed rounds   There is a wide range of cheeses available from the deli counter at Casey Fields Farm Shop. Select the cheese you want from the drop down box These ones come in a 200g round with wax coating  


Cockerel (Large Chicken)


Cockerel – Large Chicken    From Packingtons these Cockerels range between 2.5-5 kilos £8.95 per kilo Select your preferred weight below Please order as early as possible to avoid disappointment


Priced at £20.75 a kilo, one portion of 700g is enough to feed 2 people.


Fore Rib of Beef boned and rolled   Fore rib of beef is a prime cut of beef, great for any roast dinner, full of flavour. Priced at £18.25 per kilo starting at 2kilos, please select from the weight options up to 5 kilos


Fore Rib of Beef on the bone   Fore rib of beef is a prime cut of beef, and roasting it on the bone adds to the flavour.   Priced at £14 per kilo starting at 2kilos, please select from the weight options.

All Fish Products

Fresh Salmon


Select options from;

Whole fish gutted at approx £12.50 per kilo, whole fish range from 4-6 kilo, select the approx weight you require, we will supply the closest available weight. Salmon fillet portions at £21.00 per kilo, select from the whole boneless fillet (a side) approx 1.5-2kilo, or fillet portions from 150g (Child Size portion)  200g (adult size portion), 500g portion or 1 kilo. If you want any alternative size or have special requests including descaling please put a note at the checkout, all portions will be vacuum packed unless advised otherwise, fish is only de-scaled on request.

Bacon & Gammon

Gammon Joints


Gammon Joints Choose from Smoked or Unsmoked (green) On the bone 6-10kg Off the bone 4-8kg




Whole Goose Choose your preferred weight between 4-6 kilos £14.50 per kilo Sourced locally from Peachcroft Farm