28 Day Matured English Beef

Beef – from whole fillets and roasting joints to diced steak and kidney.

Every cut you could wish for is available.


Burgers Pack of 4 4oz burgers 9 flavours to choose from.


Beef Fillet Steak 28 day aged fillet of beef, select steaks at 8oz 10oz or 12 oz or whole fillet ranging from 1-2.5 kilo £39.95 per kilo


Beef Ribeye Steak 28 day aged 25.75 per kilo cut to your specification


Cut to your specification 28 day aged Beef Rump Steak £15.50 per kilo


Beef Sirloin on the bone with fillet in   A  locally sourced sirloin of beef on the bone with the fillet in.   £19.25 per kilo choose from 2-10 kilos


Beef Sirloin Steak 28 day aged 22.50 per kilo cut to your specification


Boned and Rolled Sirloin of Beef   A  locally sourced sirloin of beef with the bone removed, rolled and tied ready to roast.   £22.75 per kilo choose from 1-6 kilos


500g Beef Steak Mince £5.70 per kilo


Beef Topside 28 day aged Beef Topside – perfect for a roast beef dinner £8.50 per kilo


Priced at £20.75 a kilo, one portion of 700g is enough to feed 2 people.


500g Diced Beef Braising Steak - perfect for a nice slow cooked tender dish.


Fore Rib of Beef boned and rolled   Fore rib of beef is a prime cut of beef, great for any roast dinner, full of flavour. Priced at £18.25 per kilo starting at 2kilos, please select from the weight options up to 5 kilos