How much do I order?

If you are struggling to work out how much to order for the number of people you are feeding this general guideline should help.

If meat is the main part of the meal

If you are cooking something like steak, roast chicken or pork, where meat is the main feature of the meal with side dishes, it is recommend to serve about 1/2lb (8oz/227g) per person or up to 3/4lb (12oz/340g) for those with a larger appetite or if you want for some leftovers.

If meat is part of a bigger dish.

Like pasta or curry, plan for 1/4 to 1/3 lb (4-6oz/113-170g) per person.

Bone in or out

When ordering your meat please take into consideration the adjustment you’ll need to make if your meat has a bone in or not, based on the above guideline.

Average serving per person = 225g of boneless meat or 340g of bone in meat.

How many people are you feeding?









Weight Required boneless meat

0.91kg (1lb)

1.36kg (3lb)

1.82kg (4lb)

2.27kg (5lb)

2.73kg (6lb)

3.18kg (7lb)

3.64kg (8lb)

4.08kg (9lb)

Weight required bone in meat

1.36kg (3lb)

1.82kg (4lb)

2.73kg (6lb)

3.18kg (7lb)

3.64kg (8lb)

4.54kg (10lb)

5.44kg (12lb)

6.35kg (14lb)


Fish guidelines.


A single adult portion of boneless fish – 200g per person

A single child portion of boneless fish – 150g per person

A bone in fish e.g. trout or Sea bass – 350g-400g per person

A skate wing portion of 300g gives 200g of flesh once cooked